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Irvine, CA Cosmetic Dentistry with a Holistic Approach

18 Oct, 2011

Orange County DentistWe would like to welcome you to our Irvine office. As your personal Orange County Dentist, we take great satisfaction in helping you maintain optimal oral health.

For over two decades Dr. E. John Moreno have strived to be a leader in Dental Medicine with a focus on Cosmetic and Biological Dentistry. In mid 2010 his new facility located in Irvine was opened offering some of the most advanced and innovative technology available, in an atmosphere unsurpassed in patient comfort and care.

Dr. Moreno offers a full range of Cosmetic and Biological dental services. From the removal of Mercury amalgam filling under strict safety protocols to the latest treatments for Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Moreno is also one of a very few dentists in the state that provides a new conservative Laser Periodontal Therapy. This new Laser assisted tissue therapy is designed to specifically control and eliminate chronic Oral infection that has been found to contribute to numerous systemic medical conditions.